Guide to Christmas in Goa like a hippy backpacker

. Wear a Santa hat, dance in the sea.

. Build a snowman out of sand.

. Ask your friends to paint a nativity scene on your back in henna.

. Enjoy Christmas carols to reggae music and a drum circle.

, Drunk Skype your family and tell them you no longer like capitalism.

Old Monk.jpg

Xmas Punch Recipe

You will need:

. 1 hollowed pineapple or watermelon (use pen knife for hollowing)

. 1 Bottle Old Monk Rum/Bagpiper Whisky

. 1 Carton extremely cheap 'fruit drink'

Mix ingredients inside hollowed fruit, smashing fruit inside to make slushy effect.

Drink straight from the fruit in the 5 o'clock sun.