Sketches from New Zeland

With illustrator Lilly Allen...

On what she's doing in New Zeland right now....

"To be exact we're in Hawkes Bay, on the east coast of the north island. Its been 32c so not bad! Gareth and I have travelled a couple of weeks in the north island, then did the south island for a month and we're back on the north Island doing the bits we missed on the way down!"

On inspiration:

"All sorts of things inspire me to draw, I really enjoy drawing people actually, which I never really used to! I think it's because you don't what people are going to do, the limited time period until they might up and leave is a good challenge! After setting myself this challenge I've realised that I love drawing most things! I guess it's because the pressure is off perhaps?"

On influences:

"I love Carson Ellis, Holly Exley, Laura Manfre, Katie Scott, Posie Simmonds - lots of ladies! Before we came to New Zealand we did a month in America, starting in New York and we went to the Metropolitan museum of art and the Museum of Modern Art and that was really inspiring, they've got incredible collections - Monet, Frida Khalo, Matisse, Gaugin, Van Gogh. Amazing! So many it was overwhelming!  

...In terms of everyday inspiration I'm partial to old objects, furniture, clothes, household bits and bobs that sort of thing!"

On tools:

"I have my watercolour set with me, I use pans rather than tubes which is just what I prefer but when I can't use them colouring pencils have been useful and fun. Also I wouldn't do without a mechanical pencil as you don't need to sharpen it! (Lazy or practical you decide!)"

On what inspires her to travel:

"Everything you'd expect really! The freedom you feel is like nothing else really is there? The main inspirations are mainly getting to see beautiful scenery, trying new food, new smells and sounds but also I think breaking up the normal pattern of life now and again is really good. Life isn't all about working to pay the rent or a mortgage! But i realise we're lucky and not everyone gets the chance to travel (but if you do, go and do it!)"

Lilly Allen is an illustrator from the Isle of Wight (UK) currently travelling around New Zealand with her sketchbook, you can follow her adventures on her tumblr.